Getting the best head wraps is super easy now. Pure Silk Durags & Scarves offers you the high-quality head wraps that are made with 100% pure silk and manufactured in the USA. These headwraps are perfect for accessories while having a bad hair day. Our products come in one size that fits most. We use high-quality silk and you can feel the lightness and comfort in it. We never compromise quality and that’s the only reason we use pure silk. Our head wraps will lock in your hair’s natural moisture and helps to maintain healthy hair by preventing dryness and breakage.

Our head wraps are amazingly lightweight and gentle on your hair’s sensitive hairline. These wraps will protect your hair while you sleep or performing some other activities. Now, you can able to make desirable hairstyle using our head wraps and it can also hold any hairstyle for a longer period of time.   

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Head Wraps