Pure Silk Durag products are made from 100% silk and manufactured in the USA; therefore, you can be confident our Pure Silk Durags will exceed your expectations.  Treat your hair like royalty and only use Pure Silk Durag products.   

Now, you can stay ahead of the fashion while protecting your hair from damage. Pure Silk & Durags offers you the highest quality of silk Durags at a very cost-effective price. These Durags are extremely comfortable and it also promotes healthy-looking hair. We use the highest quality of silk for maximum effectiveness and comfort. This is very much suitable for any occasion due to its trendy and fashionable design. As we use the top quality of silk, you can feel the quality of our product simply by touching it. These Durags are very gentle and breathable which is pretty much perfect for any occasion.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a comfortable fitting of durags while offering top of the line styling for many fashionistas. Our durags have superior durability and resistance to rips and runs.

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Silk Durags